waffleguppies's Journal

this much fun could make me lose my mind.

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I'm twenty-something, a girl, an illustrator, a writer. I'm not sure how much I'll use this journal, and if the answer turns out to be 'a lot', I'll have a bit more to put here.

I like pretty things, spooky things, making things, making things up, and clear thinking.

I can't promise excitement in here, but I can promise truth.

Most of the time.
2b pencils, aaron alexovich, alan menkin, art, bear, big boots, bill bailey, black books, brain guy, calvin and hobbes, candy, cartoons, cats, christopher lloyd, crispin whytehead, crow t. robot, cyberpunk, danny butterman, dante, dave mckean, delorean, deviantart, disney, doc brown, doctor octopus, douglas adams, dr. forrester, drawing, dylan moran, edgar wright, elizabeth mcgrath, ennui, fangirling, fascinators, film noir, firefly, flux capacitors, fraggles, frank butterman, ghosts, glasses, goggles, graphic novels, graphic tablets, green day, guitars, h.p lovecraft, harry secombe, hope, hot fuzz, insects, invader zim, inventors, jamie smart, jhonen vasquez, jim henson, johnathan creek, jthm, juggling, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kingdom hospital, long noses, machinery, mad science, magic, mark gatiss, michael moore, mike nelson, mirrors, modelmaking, monster movies, mst3k, musicals, mutants, myst, neil gaiman, new york, nicholas angel, nick frost, octopi, pearl forrester, penn & teller, pete townshend, peter sellers, pirates, pixar, plushies, psychology, psychonauts, puppets, queen, razputin, reading, rent, roleplaying, rollerblading, sasha nein, serenity rose, simon pegg, snow, spaced, spike milligan, spookycute, stars, stephen fry, stephen king, strawberries, stripes, studio ghibli, terry pratchett, the beatles, the brothers quay, the goon show, the league of gentlemen, the muppets, the who, tim burton, tim schafer, time machines, tom servo, toronto, toxins, tricks, twinkies, vicious whisper, voltaire, wire in the blood, worrying, writing, zombies.