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fried gold.

Happiness is a bag of jelly brains, an empty museum, and Bleak House. Chuck a working internet connection in there, and this might shape up to be quite a nice Sunday.

My life is a lot busier than normal at the moment. It's almost as if things are happening. GASP. Between starting up my Etsy shop (not done yet, but I'll link to it anyway because of the snazzy pretty banner, never mind that it doesn't actually contain things to buy yet) working on my first ever bona fide freelance artist type person job, and just basically trying to get together as much monies as possible for voyages into the unknown this coming year... I feel like I haven't been being quiet an awful lot lately. And I have to say I kind of like it. I'm never happy just sitting on my arse doing nothing, and I'll have probably written things and drawn things by the end of today, and it's kind of nice that I can rely on myself to do that, but... sometimes it is nice to sit and be quiet.

Mmm... brains.

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